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2010 November English Journal, v100.2

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2010 November English Journal, v100.2
Issue Theme: Re-seeing (Dis)Ability
Guest Editor: Patricia A. Dunn

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Level(s): Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274

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English Journal
Volume 100, Number 2, November 2010

Issue Theme: Re-seeing (Dis)Ability
Guest Editor: Patricia A. Dunn

Table of Contents

From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

From the Secondary Section: Learning about Disability
Keith Younker
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

EJ in Focus: Re-Seeing (Dis)Ability: Ten Suggestions
Patricia A. Dunn, Guest Editor
Abstract: What are ten ways to reduce educational barriers, raise expectations, and improve learning for all students?

Doubly Vulnerable: The Paradox of Disability and Teaching
Meredith Stewart
Abstract: A teacher and her students discover together some insights about being human.

“The Brain within Its Groove”: Language and Struggling Students
Kathleen D. De Mers
Abstract: How can new technologies and different views of knowledge and language stretch concepts of “normal”?

Parenting a Child with Special Needs: A Teacher’s Journey toward Discovery about Disability and Identity
Cynthia Messer
Abstract: Here are some general “rules” for teaching and two writing activities: one an authentic research project and one a creative project.

Privileging Students’ Voices: A Co-Teaching Philosophy That Evokes Excellence in All Learners
Robyn Seglem and Melissa VanZant

Finding the Will to Individualize Instruction: How My Son Made Me a Better Teacher
Tonya Merritt
Abstract: When students see a real-world connection to the literature they’re reading, they learn more about the literature—and the world.

Finding Difference: Nemo and Friends Opening the Door to Disability Theory
Daniel L. Preston
Abstract: What can analyzing a popular animated film teach students about society’s view of disability?

Reading, Writing, and Thinking about Disability Issues: Five Activities for the Classroom
Tammie M. Kennedy and Tracey Menten
Abstract: A high school teacher and a college teacher help students explore critical questions about stereotypical depictions of disability in literature, films, TV shows, and websites.

Navigating through Social Norms, Negotiating Place: How American Born Chinese Motivates Struggling Learners
Cheryl Gomes with James Bucky Carter
Abstract: What happened when students with reading difficulties blogged with a prize-winning graphic novelist?

Re-Seeing The Mighty: Critically Examining One Film’s Representations of Disability in the English Classroom
Joellen Maples, Katrina Arndt, and Julia M. White
Abstract: These authors provide recommendations and activities for teaching films that include people with disabilities.

Teaching (Dis)Abled: Reflections on Teaching, Learning, Power, and Classroom Community
Nicole E. Green
Abstract: A teacher with a disability and her students learn something valuable from each other.

A Springboard Rather Than a Bridge: Diving into Multimodal Literacy
 Meadow Sherrill Graham and Sheila Benson
Abstract: Two teacher educators describe lessons that expand literacy options in English language arts.

Bringing Lessons from Homeschool to the Writing Classroom
Carolyn Ariella Sofia
Abstract: From teaching her son, a teacher learns some lessons about using all students’ individual strengths and learning styles.

The Outcast Comes In: Grappling with Physical Disability in the Literacy Classroom
Elizabeth Park Reid
Abstract: A teacher and mother learns what works as she watches her daughter finally find success in school through writing and sports.

Poem: On a Farm Outing
Elinor Cramer

Poem: Four Poems
Allisa Abraham Hall

 Poem: Teaching Poetry in Georgia Schools
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Mentoring Matters: Mentoring as Collaborative Effort
Thomas M. McCann
Abstract: "Mentoring Matters" focuses on effective ways to support new English teachers and student teachers.

Off the Shelves: Autism in Young Adult Literature
Mark Letcher
Abstract: "Off the Shelves" discusses new young adult literature and explores ways of teaching YA texts in middle and high school English classes.

Professional Writing in the English Classroom: Professional Writing: What You Already Know
Jonathan Bush and Leah Zuidema
Abstract: "Professional Writing in the English Classroom" publishes articles about teaching students to write effectively in the genres, conventions, and visual designs required for professional contexts and related rhetorical situations.

Research for the Classroom: Making Connections with the Boys Who Struggle in Your Classroom
Louis Martinez
Abstract: "Research for the Classroom" publishes mini-studies of ELA classroom practices and suggests ways in which high school and middle school English teachers may study the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

Teaching Young Adult Literature: Larry, Stargirl, and Montag: Troublemakers in the Classroom!
Mike Roberts

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