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2010 September English Journal, v100.1

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2010 September English Journal, v100.1
Issue Theme: Motivating Students

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Level(s): Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 2010 September English Journal, v100.1

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English Journal
Volume 100, Number 1, September 2010

Issue Theme: Motivating Students

Table of Contents

From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

From the Secondary Section: Turning on the Light
Wanda Porter
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

2010 NCTE Annual Convention Information

EJ in Focus: How to Create Nonreaders: Reflections on Motivation, Learning, and Sharing Power
Alfie Kohn
Abstract: The well-known author and critic offers seven easy ways to kill student motivation, followed by concrete suggestions to ensure that you don’t employ them in your classroom.

Student Voices: What Makes You Want to Go to English Class?
Stephen Zimmerer; Wanyi Jia; Patricia Ansah; Allie Whitman
Abstract: "Student Voices" provides a forum for students to share their experiences and recommendations.

Creating Motivating Learning Environments: What We Can Learn from Researchers and Students
Erika Daniels
Abstract: Punishment and reward schemes don’t foster motivation in students; instead, Daniels recommends active learning and stress management.

Motivation Requires a Meaningful Task
Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher
Abstract: Focusing on the design of effective group work, the authors examine how students are best engaged in activities and what teachers’ roles should be in fostering active student learning.

The Animated Classroom: Using Japanese Anime to Engage and Motivate Students
Julie Ruble and Kim Lysne
Abstract: A Japanese film on environmental themes inspires students to produce their own videos.

 “Everybody Wants Somebody to Hear Their Story”: High School Students Writing Screenplays
Carol Bedard and Charles Fuhrken
Abstract: Students write and produce films in collaboration with the Austin Film Festival.

Small-Town Perspectives, Big-Time Motivation: Composing and Producing Place-Based Podcasts
Lori Atkins Goodson and Matt Skillen
Abstract: In the Rural Voices project, students produce podcasts about their lives for real audiences.

Remixing Old and New Literacies = Motivated Students
Jesse S. Gainer and Diane Lapp
Abstract: The authors describe technology-infused classroom activities inspired by a concept from hip-hop culture.

Motivating Students through Power and Choice
Amber M. Simmons and Melissa Page
Abstract: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible dramatizes a restrictive society, but Simmons and Page use the play to promote the power of curricular freedom for students.

Of Mice and Media

John Day
Abstract: Using multimedia and other activities, Day inspires student interest in a John Steinbeck classic.

Inspiring Curiosity and Enthusiasm for Nonfiction: A Project Designed to Boost Students’ Will to Read
Jessica Matthews Meth
Abstract: Guest speakers, multimedia, and other strategies can increase students’ reading interest.

Exploring Text through Student Discussions: Accountable Talk in the Middle School Classroom
Anne E. Richardson
Abstract: Participating intelligently in discussions centered on a common text is not a natural skill. Richardson’s suggestions can help young secondary students develop this ability.

Motivating Students to Read with Collaborative Reading Quizzes
Timothy Quinn and Todd Eckerson
Abstract: Are you bored by low-level, time-consuming traditional reading quizzes?

“I See What You Mean”: Using Visuals to Teach Metaphoric Thinking in Reading and Writing
Rebecca Gorman and Gloria Schultz Eastman
Abstract: The authors demonstrate how engaging visually attuned students in close examination of fine art can improve students’ close reading skills, too.

The Cognitive Vocabulary Approach to Word Learning
Janis M. Harmon, Elizabeth Buckelew-Martin, and Karen D. Wood
Abstract: Metacognition and visual thinking are highlights in this approach to vocabulary.

Poem: How Do I Know My Students Are Learning?
Dana Keller

Poem: Watching Her Teach
Portia B. Pennington

Challenging Texts: Reading Nation and World
Chin Ee Loh
Abstract: "Challenging Texts" explores various ways of teaching literary theory to high school and middle school students.

Innovative Writing Instruction: Reducing Vocabulary to Increase Vocabulary
Julie Faulkner

Mentoring Matters: Wanted: Mentors for Future English Teachers
Melissa A. McClain
Abstract: "Mentoring Matters" focuses on effective ways to support new English teachers and student teachers.

Off the Shelves: Robert B. Parker Tackles the Adolescent Detective Novel
Steven T. Bickmore
Abstract: "Off the Shelves" discusses new young adult literature and explores ways of teaching YA texts in middle and high school English classes.

Research for the Classroom: Review of Readicide by Kelly Gallagher
Kathleen Dudden Rowlands
Abstract: "Research for the Classroom" publishes mini-studies of ELA classroom practices and suggests ways in which high school and middle school English teachers may study the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

Success with ELLs: Using Your State’s Travel Websites to Promote Academic Vocabulary
Porsche L. Sims
Abstract: "Success with ELLs" suggests effective approaches to teaching English language learners in ways that can be of benefit to all students in  mainstream middle and high school English classes.

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