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2011 July English Journal, v100.6

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English Journal
Volume 100, Number 6, July 2011

Issue Theme: Ethics in the English Classroom

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal  (PRINT COPY)
Volume 100, Number 6, July 2011

Issue Theme: Ethics in the English Classroom

Table of Contents

Call for Manuscripts

2010–2011 Reviewers

From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

EJ Extra: A Snapshot of Writing Instruction in Middle Schools and High Schools
Arthur N. Applebee and Judith A. Langer
Abstract: In the May 2009 issue of English Journal, we reported on our analysis of data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress to provide a first look at changes in the teaching of writing over the past 30 years. In this article, we provide a more detailed look, drawing on data collected from visits to 260 English, math, social studies, and science classrooms in 20 middle schools and high schools in five states (schools all chosen for reputations for excellence in the teaching of writing), interviews with 220 teachers and administrators, and with 138 students in these schools, and a national survey of 1520 randomly selected teachers.

Speaking My Mind: Namaste: A Spiritual Approach to Grading
Christopher Cotton
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

EJ in Focus: A Literacy Education for Our Times
Richard VanDeWeghe
Abstract: A veteran teacher educator reflects on the ethical dimensions of teaching English in the context of the Common Core Standards.

Ethics as a Form of Critical and Rhetorical Inquiryin the Writing Classroom
Teresa Henning
Abstract: What can improve students’ engagement in persuasive writing? A strong ethical dilemma and strategies for developing intelligent responses.

Assessing Internal Group Processes in Collaborative Assignments
Trudi J. Nelson
Abstract: Involving students in close examinations of their work in groups can increase the effectiveness of collaborative learning strategies.

An Ethical Dilemma: Talking about Plagiarism and Academic Integrity in the Digital Age
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas and Kelly Sassi
Abstract: How can we help students avoid plagiarism? Don’t lecture them. Talk with them.

Classrooms That Discourage Plagiarism and Welcome Technology
Nancy Guillot Pearson
Abstract: Sure, some technology may make cheating easier. But harnessing technology well can keep students from wanting to cheat.

Reading the Literature of War: A Global Perspective on Ethics
Kyle Vaughn
Abstract: A high school teacher describes a new course on literature about the ethical dimensions of international conflicts. Many contemporary works are discussed and suggested.

Lives beyond Suffering: The Child Soldiers of African Wars
Jacqueline N. Glasgow and Allison L. Baer
Abstract: Drawing on the transformative effects of literature, the authors ask students to confront ugly realities of war and seek ways to make positive change.

Framing the Text: Using Storyboards to Engage Students with Reading
David L. Bruce
Abstract: Students will draw more than conclusions from these complex activities that use students’ visual and artistic skills to critically examine literature and film.

Poem: Recital—English Class
Michael Milburn

Poem: Testimony
Tasha Graff

Poem: Advice, Unsolicited
Fred Jacobs

Poem: Standardization, in the Spirit of William Blake
Corey Rose

Poem: Education That Hurts Society
Fred W. Schenck

Mentoring Matters: Many Voices, Many Choices: Women Who Mentored and Inspired Dana Rodriguez
Mary G. Powell
Abstract: "Mentoring Matters" focuses on effective ways to support new English teachers and student teachers.

Off the Shelves: Looking for Answers to Big Questions: Religion in Current Young Adult Literature
Mark Letcher
Abstract: "Off the Shelves" discusses new young adult literature and explores ways of teaching YA texts in middle and high school English classes.

Professional Writing in the English Classroom: Good Writing: The Problem of Ethics
Leah A. Zuidema and Jonathan Bush
Abstract: "Professional Writing in the English Classroom" publishes articles about teaching students to write effectively in the genres, conventions, and visual designs required for professional contexts and related rhetorical situations.

Research for the Classroom: Seize the Data: Embracing Information
Julie Gorlewski
Abstract: "Research for the Classroom" publishes mini-studies of ELA classroom practices and suggests ways in which high school and middle school English teachers may study the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

Teaching Young Adult Literature: Acid-Washed Jeans, a Moussed-Out Mullet, and Eternity Cologne: The Challenges of Growing Up
Mike Roberts
Abstract: "Teaching Young Adult Literature" describes innovative methods for engaging students in reading, writing, and discussing contemporary and classic literary texts written for adolescents.

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