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2011 March TETYC, v38.3

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2011 March TETYC, v38.3

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ISBN/ISSN: 0098-6291


Teaching English in the Two-Year College
Volume 38, Number 3, March 2011

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Table of Contents

Editorial: Faculty and the “Experienced Curriculum”
Jeff Sommers

A Culture of Conversation: Faculty Talk as Meaningful Assessment of Learning Communities
Libby Garland and Kevin Kolkmeyer (New Voices)
Abstract: We offer here a critical assessment of our experiences teaching in Kingsborough Community College’s learning communities—in a descriptive, personal mode that echoes the frequent conversations we have together—to illuminate how official data fail to capture both important successes and failures and to model the kind of reflective, subjective assessment from a professorial perspective that we believe is vital for larger institutional decision making.

The “Reverse Commute”: Adult Students and the Transition from Professional to Academic Literacy
Michael J. Michaud (New Voice)
Abstract: In this article, I report on the experiences of one adult student making the transition from professional to academic literacy and trace implications for writing scholars and teachers.

Preparing for Meaningful Involvement in Learning Community Work in the Composition Classroom
Heather Camp and Teresa Bolstad (New Voices)
Abstract: In this article, we introduce and employ a heuristic that writing teachers can use to prepare for meaningful involvement in learning community work.

Preparing ESL Students for “Real” College Writing: A Glimpse of Common Writing Tasks ESL Students Encounter at One Community College
Julia Carroll and Helene Dunkelblau (New Voices)
Abstract: This article describes a study on the types of writing tasks that ESL students commonly encounter in introductory academic courses at a two-year college and discusseshow the results of the study may have an impact on instruction.

Instructional Note: Rethinking Metaphor: Figurative Language and First-Year Composition
Peter Wayne Moe
Abstract: A brief review of composition theory shows metaphor is often underused and misrepresented in the composition classroom; in response, I suggest metaphor is foundational to argumentation and provide a method to teach it as such.

Conferencing and Compassion for an Exceptional Student
Gregory Shafer
Abstract: The author reports on the complex process of working with a student in his attempt to use writing to wrestle with the struggles of his life.

Forum, the Newsletter for Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty

Poem: A Moment of Silence (for J. D. Salinger)
Lisa Wiley Moslow (New Voice)

What Works for Me

Brian P. Hall (New Voice); Jeffrey Klausman; Jim LaBate (New Voice); Suanna H. Davis (New Voice)

Going Wireless: A Critical Exploration of Wireless and Mobile Technologies for Composition Teachers and Researchers edited by Amy C. Kimme Hea
Reviewed by Joseph Griffin

Writing without Formulas by William H. Thelin
Reviewed by Mary M. Stein

Fear by Pamela Garvey
Reviewed by Guy Thorvaldsen

A Taste for Language: Literacy, Class, and English Studies by James Ray Watkins Jr.
Reviewed by Chanon Adsanatham

Dangerous Writing: Understanding the Political Economy of Composition by Tony Scott Reviewed by Abigail L. Montgomery

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