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2011 October Talking Points, v23.1

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Talking Points
Volume 23, Number 1, October 2011
Issue Theme: Looking beyond Labels: Engagement, Purpose, and Productivity

Level(s): Elementary

ISBN/ISSN: 1522-6115


Talking Points
Volume 23, Number 1, October 2011
Issue Theme: Looking beyond Labels: Engagement, Purpose, and Productivity


In Memoriam: Jennifer Wilson
Carol Gilles, editor
Abstract: Carol Gilles offers a moving tribute to her coeditor, Jennifer Wilson.

The Trouble with “Struggling Readers”
Curt Dudley-Marling
Abstract: Curt Dudley-Marling considers the labels we attach to students as metaphors that actually help shape our realities of those students.

Definitions and Counter Definitions: Text, Students, and Teachers
Kathryn F. Whitmore , William H. Poock , and Anah V. Malamut
Abstract: Kathy Whitmore, William Poock, and Anah Malamut present two cases: a third grader labeled “struggling reader” and an eighth grader labeled “learning-disabled.” They explore how the teachers’ and students’ perceptions of abilities changed when they used more authentic learning experiences.

Beyond Test Scores and Labels: The Importance of Authentic Literacy Learning
Sally Brown
Abstract: Sally Brown describes how Tomás, a second grader labeled both ESL and “at-risk,” was able to become a resource to others when he engaged in inquiry using technology.

Re-Storying One’s Life: How One Boy Uses Digital Literacies to Transform an Existing Label
Kim-Marie Cortez-Riggio
Abstract: Kim-Marie Cortez-Riggio documents how using digital literacy transformed a “resource-room kid” into a fifth-grade classroom expert.

“Two Cars Fighting with Guns”: Literary Strengths in Student Writing
Lucy K. Spence
Abstract: Lucy Spence introduces us to “generous reading” through her story of Vidal, a fifth grader. When we read Vidal’s work with a generous lens, he is positioned not as a limited English speaker or struggling writer, but as someone who can already write well in specific ways.

Professional Book Talks: Moving beyond Labels
Abstract: Readers can find expanded resources about the issue of labeling in Kathryn Mitchell Pierce’s thoughtful column, Professional Book Talks.

WLU on the Move!
Abstract: WLU President-Elect Rick Meyer connects the issue of labeling to whole language pedagogy.

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