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2011 September English Journal, v101.1

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English Journal
Volume 101, Number 1, September 2011

Issue Theme: The First 100 Years: Professional and Personal Reflections on the NCTE Centennial
Leila Christenbury, Guest Editor

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal
Volume 101, Number 1, September 2011
Issue Theme: The First 100 Years: Professional and Personal Reflections on the NCTE Centennial
Leila Christenbury, Guest Editor

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From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

From the Secondary Section: Making the NCTE Centennial Celebration a Personal Event
Kay Parks Haas
Abstract: The author previews the Secondary Section events at the upcoming 100th Annual Convention of NCTE.

From the Secondary Section: Three Things I Know for Sure
Jennifer Ochoa
Abstract: The author reflects on what she's learned in twenty years of teaching.

Sixty Years of Language Arts Education: Looking Back in Order to Look Forward
Yetta M. Goodman
Abstract: Beginning in the 1950s and going to the present, the writer traces the intersection of her teaching career and movements in literacy education.

Celebration and Conversation, Consensus and Dissent: What NCTE Means to Me
Ben F. Nelms
Abstract: The author details the work of NCTE in his lifetime and forecasts needs for the second century.

Buckle Up for Interesting Times
Miles Myers
Abstract: The past informs the present as this former NCTE Executive Director recounts the history of the creation of the standards and the involvement of the organization in political and government initiatives.

Contentious Conversations
Leah A. Zuidema
Abstract: The author explores the place of professional debate within NCTE and in the pages of English Journal.

Never More Crucial: Support for the Learning and Teaching of English
Carol Jago
Abstract: SLATE is a vital part of NCTE, serving as the “action wing” for members.

The Living Library of NCTE
Deborah Appleman
Abstract: The author offers an appreciation of the writers and their books that have shaped her teaching and thinking.

The Literary Changes: From the Book Room to the Discovery of American Literatures and NCTE
R. Joseph Rodríguez
Abstract: Using his own experiences as a reader, the author advocates for increased attention to diverse literatures.

What Makes a Teaching Moment: Spheres of Influence in Professional Activity
Randy Bomer
Abstract: Using a reading conference with a student as a springboard, the author details the influence of the NCTE professional community on his teaching.

Sustaining NCTE Values
Shirley Wilson Logan
Abstract: Three of NCTE’s core values are writing, diversity, and advocacy.

An Extraordinary Century for Women
Jeanne Marcum Gerlach
Abstract: As part of a graduate course, the writer became interested in women in English teaching and in NCTE, and it led to a lifetime of research, scholarship, and service.

Creating a Safe Zone: LGBTQ Work in NCTE
Roxanne Henkin
Abstract: The writer offers a brief history of the NCTE Gay-Straight Educators’ Alliance.

A Reconsideration of College English, November 1974: Separatists Unite! (But Has the Assimilation Begun?)
John Pruitt
Abstract: The writer looks back at an important LGBT-focused issue of College English.

Reflecting on Cultivating New Voices among Scholars of Color
Valerie Kinloch
Abstract: A member of the first cohort of CNV and now its director, the author details the importance of fostering the work of scholars of color.

Good Things Come to Those Who Attend the NCTE Annual Convention
KaaVonia Hinton
Abstract: The Cultivating New Voices program made a significant difference in this member’s life.

Recollections of a “Reclaiming the Dream” Conference
Jesse Perry
Abstract: A former NCTE president details the relevance of a past conference.

Cultural Memory in the Classroom Public Space
Stuart Ching
Abstract: How does NCTE help teachers and students foster cultural memory?

A Community of Scholars: The Native American Caucus
Resa Crane Bizzaro
Abstract: The author outlines her work with the Native American Caucus and its support for Native scholars.

From Queen Mab to Big Boy: A Century of “New” Literacies
William Kist
Abstract: The debate over the place of new literacies extends throughout the history of English teaching and NCTE.

Researching Practice and Practicing Research
Anne DiPardo
Abstract: The writer sketches NCTE’s place in the world of educational research.

Revisiting LaBrant’s “Writing Is More than Structure” (English Journal, May 1957)
P. L. Thomas
Abstract: The author details the remarkable insight offered in an EJ article written decades ago.

Rhetorical Listening: When the Eye Defers to the Ear for Civic Discourse
Joyce Irene Middleton
Abstract: The author connects the rhetorical research of three scholars whose work underscores NCTE’s growing interest in rhetorical listening and civic discourse.

Of Kin and Community
Victor Villanueva
Abstract: The author found a personal community in his professional organization.

NCTE & Me: Reflections on the Council’s Role in One Teacher’s Life
Peter Smagorinsky
Abstract: NCTE was central to the author’s career journey.

Doing vs. Being: Working Hard for NCTE/CCCC
Beth L. Hewett
Abstract: What does committee work entail? The author outlines the effort and the satisfactions.

Finding a Professional Home through CEE Commissions
Judith A. Hayn
Abstract: CEE commissions address a variety of areas; the author describes her work in two of them.

CEE and Life as an English Educator
Janet Alsup
Abstract: An NCTE group specifically for English educators, the Conference on English Education is central to teacher preparation.

Early Childhood Education Assembly: Changing the Face of Early Literacy Education within NCTE and Beyond
Mariana Souto-Manning and Vivian M. Vasquez
Abstract: Early childhood educators established a place in NCTE to support literacy work with young children.

Joining TYCA at the NCTE Table: Our Roles as Guests, Speakers, Writers, and Advocates
Marilyn J. Valentino
Abstract: Those who teach in the two-year college find in TYCA a professional home.

CommuniCAT(E)ing with NCTE
Bill Younglove
Abstract: An important and influential state affiliate, CATE serves California teachers and students as well as NCTE.

Achievement Awards in Writing: The Gold Standard of Contests
Susan Reese
Abstract: NCTE’s Achievement Awards in Writing offer students an opportunity to showcase their best work.

Then and Now: The Thoughts of NCTE Members in 1960 and in 2010
Leila Christenbury, Guest Editor
Abstract: The NCTE Historian revisits member concerns and predictions from 1960 and compares them with responses from today.

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