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2013 July English Journal, v102.6

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Issue Theme: The Capacity and Audacity of English

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal
Volume 102, Number 6, July 2013
Issue Theme: The Capacity and Audacity of English

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2012–2013 Reviewers

From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

High School Matters: Capacity and Audacity—A Paradox?
Stephen Heller
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

Speaking My Mind: The Audacity of Empathy: It’s Still the Students, Stupid!
Nicole Galante
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

Speaking My Mind: Robo-Grading and Writing Instruction: Will the Truth Set Us Free?
Dave Perrin
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Ken Donelson
Alleen Pace Nilsen

EJ in Focus: The Audacity of English Journal Authors, 2008–13
Ken Lindblom
Abstract: The outgoing editor reflects on the past five years of English Journal.

Teacher to Teacher: What Is Something You’ve Done as an English Teacher That Took Guts?
Alisha Feitosa; J. Scott Shields; J. Dee Cochran
Abstract: “Teacher to Teacher” provides a forum for teachers to share ideas, materials, and activities.

Generating Minds
Jim Burke
Abstract: How can teachers awaken creativity in students, and what do classrooms that do so look like?

Subversive Acts of Revision: Writing and Justice
Heather E. Bruce
Abstract: English classes should offer students bold opportunities to revise hate and discrimination.

Herbivores, Carnivores, and Literavores: Argument and Appetite in the Classroom
Lauren Goldberg
Abstract: A secondary teacher’s food unit engages students in nonfiction reading about economic, environmental, and political aspects of food.

Cultural Awareness Logs: A Method for Increasing International-Mindedness among High School and Middle School Students
Michael Thier
Abstract: A high school teacher describes an assignment that draws on Hall’s cultural iceberg to help students develop global perspectives and better close-reading and analytical skills.

Haiku in the Classroom: More Than Counting Syllables
Zach Hudson
Abstract: With the help of a published poet, a high school teacher opens his students to the world of haiku, which doesn’t always fit the 5-7-5 syllable-pattern many expect.

No Longer a Luxury: Digital Literacy Can’t Wait
Troy Hicks and Kristen Hawley Turner
Abstract: Following a passionate plea for teachers to incorporate technology in more meaningful ways, the authors offer specific suggestions for teaching in-depth digital literacy skills.

Old-Time Broadcasts for New-Time Podcast
Roxanne Farwick Owens
Abstract: Eighth-graders strengthen their listening, writing, and creative skills by exploring mid-20th-century detective and mystery radio shows and then producing their own podcasts.

Exploring the Boundaries of Narrative: Video Games in the English Classroom
Jonathan Ostenson
Abstract: Video games offer new, complex forms of interactive narrative. Ostenson shows how students in his English class have begun to study this evolving genre.

The English Teacher as Writing Consultant: Taking Classroom Expertise into the Workplace
Elizabeth Brockman
Abstract: Using her work with police officers, Brockman shows how English teachers can work one-on-one with professionals who seek help with their writing.

Poem: Jump Rope Rhyme
Linda L. Caprio

Poem: The Dearth of Good Men
Alexander Essien Timothy

Poem: Hummingbird Magnificat
Nancy Krim

Poem: Glossolalia
Ben F. Nelms

Poem: The Teacher
Matthew J. Spireng

Adventures with Text and Beyond: The Expanding Universe of Text, and Teaching with Texts
P. L. Thomas
Abstract: "Adventures with Text and Beyond" explores various ways of teaching literary theory to high school and middle school students.

Mentoring Matters: A Reflection on Mentors and Mentoring
Thomas M. McCann
Abstract: "Mentoring Matters" focuses on effective ways to support new English teachers and student teachers.

Off the Shelves: Keeping YA Lit Off the Shelves and in Young Readers’ Hands
Mark Letcher
Abstract: "Off the Shelves" discusses new young adult literature and explores ways of teaching YA texts in middle and high school English classes.

Professional Writing in the English Classroom: Designing a High School or Middle School Course (or Unit) in Professional Writing
Jonathan Bush and Leah Zuidema
Abstract: "Professional Writing in the English Classroom" publishes articles about teaching students to write effectively in the genres, conventions, and visual designs required for professional contexts and related rhetorical situations.

Research for the Classroom: Trying to Find “The Funny”: A Teacher Writing Group’s Inquiry into Humor Writing
Christine Dawson, Kelly Hanson, Christina Ponzio, Eleanor Liu Robinson, and Jillian VanRiper
Abstract: "Research for the Classroom" publishes mini-studies of ELA classroom practices and suggests ways in which high school and middle school English teachers may study the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

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