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2014 September English Journal, v104.1

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Issue Theme: A Whole New Ballgame: Sports and Culture in the English Classroom.

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal
Volume 104, Number 1, September 2014

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From the Guest Editors
Alan Brown and Chris Crowe
Abstract: The guest editors introduce this sports-themed issue.

Speaking My Mind: Sports Lit
Chris Crutcher
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

Speaking My Mind: Sports Books: The Four Questions
Robert Lipsyte
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

The Redemptive Power of Sports in the Writing Classroom
Cherie Parsons
Abstract: One teacher has realized that students do their best work when writing about topics that matter most to them; sports is one of those topics.

My Year of Sports
Jennifer Rossuck
Abstract: The author describes a successful yearlong course, “The Games People Play: Sports in Society and Literature,” that engages students in a variety of interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Teaming Up: Teaching Analysis and Research through Sports Controversies
Lisa Beckelhimer
Abstract: Writing assignments focused on sports controversies provide students with opportunities to read, write, research, and debate in ways that feel authentic and meaningful.

Teaching with and about Sports-Based Documentary Films to Address Core Standards
Luke Rodesiler
Abstract: Sports documentaries capture student interest and provide opportunities for activities and assignments that connect to popular culture, develop ELA literacies, and meet Common Core State Standards.

The Highlight with a Thousand Faces: Sports and Our Yearning for Hero and Myth
Clayton M. Gahan
Abstract: Using Joseph Campbell’s notions of archetypes and the hero’s journey, students can examine current sports stories to help them understand modern society and myth creation.

Sports Stories and Critical Media Literacy
Mark A. Fabrizi and Robert D. Ford
Abstract: A popular one-semester elective, Sports Stories relies on student knowledge of and interest in sports to teach critical media literacy and rhetorical analysis.

Three-Point Shot: Basketball, Poetry, and Critical Literacy
Elizabeth G. Dinkins
Abstract: The poetry of three prominent contemporary authors provides students with opportunities to practice literary interpretation from a variety of perspectives.

Out of the Closet and onto the Playing Field: Two Decades of Lesbian Athletes in YA Literature
Katherine Mason
Abstract: Using the Identity Formation Model, the author examines the representation of lesbian athletes in young adult literature and suggests that students benefit from reading about characters with a range of sexual and gender identities.

Writing: An Athletic Performance
Marisa Sandoval Lamb
Abstract: An English teacher and competitive runner explains the parallels that exist between academic and athletic performance and provides activities to improve student writing.

Learning from Athletes’ Writing: Creating Activity Journals
Richard Kent
Abstract: Students—and athletes—can benefit from writing activities that take place outside the classroom walls; these activities often lead to better thinking, writing, and performance.

Poem: Pearls of Wisdom during a Losing Streak
Matthew J. Spireng

Poem: Adding Some Color
Matthew J. Spireng

Poem: Hot Sauce’s Guide to Expository Writing for High School Students
Dante Di Stefano

Speaking Truth to Power: Invisible Young Men: African American Males, Academics, and Athletics
P. L. Thomas
Abstract: "Speaking Truth to Power" seeks to explore the experiences and possibilities that arise when educators speak Truth to power.
Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners: Multilingualism and Sports: Home Language, Cross-Training, and the Resource of Bilingualism
Pamela J. Hickey
Abstract: “Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners” discusses critical, transformative, and powerful ways to support students’ acquisition of Standard English.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: Where Is the Girl Power? The Search for Authentic Portrayals of Female Athletes in YA Lit
Emilee Hussack and Pauline Skowron Schmidt
Abstract: This column hopes to serve as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery: Teach Me, Coach!
Victoria P. Hankey
Abstract: “Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery” offers suggestions, ideas, and experiences to help novice and veteran teachers discover their own roadmaps toward mastery.

Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom: Bards at Bat: The Sport of Quantitative Literary Analysis
Tom Liam Lynch
Abstract: “Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom” seeks to identify the ways in which our teaching and learning lives are influenced by software.

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