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2015 March English Journal, v104.4

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Issue Theme: Rhyme and Reason

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

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English Journal
Volume 104, Number 4, March 2015

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Call for Manuscripts

Call for Manuscripts

From the Editors
Julie Gorlewski and David Gorlewski

High School Matters: Why Teach Poetry?
Tara Seale
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

EJ in Focus: Poetry and Emotional Intelligence: A Radical Call
Kyle Vaughn
Abstract: Poetry as an experience, particularly an emotional one, necessitates that a poem resonate in the inner life of a reader rather than in their academic mind.

Speaking My Mind: Vincent: Timeless Poet, Fearless Voice—Reflections on the Centennial of Renascence
Megan Morgans Ainsworth
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

Creating Space for Poetry
Julie E. Schrauben
Abstract: In this article, the author shares how specifically teaching author’s craft can open or allow a space for poetry to emerge from students’ writing.

Sappho through Mimesis, a Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Poetry
Catherine Louise Kennedy
Abstract: This article explores using Ancient Greek poetry by Sappho as a springboard for students to study Western poetry and create their own poetry.

Peer Response, Remixed: Authentic Peer Response through Audio Technology
Michael Hoffman
Abstract: Students are encouraged to generate interpretations of peer work using digital audio technology to record and then reconfigure that work.

Behind the Curtain: A Teacher’s Quest to Better Understand, Write, and Model Poetry
Tanya J. Hannaford
Abstract: When a teacher who fears writing poetry is forced to teach the skill, she discovers a new writing passion and a better way to reach her students.

Connecting Students with Shakespeare’s Poetry: Digital Creations of Close Reading
Joan Lange, Patrick Connolly, and Devin Lintzenich
Abstract: How can students build new connections with the poetic elements of Shakespeare’s plays? In this digital movie project, students explore close reading and thoughtful selection of imagery to create deeper understanding.

When It Rains a Puddle Is Made”: Fostering Academic Literacy in English Learners through Poetry and Translation
Jie Y. Park, Lori Simpson, Jesse Bicknell, and Sarah Michaels
Abstract: In this article, a team of university-based researchers and ESL teachers describes how English learners in a high school responded to Poetry Inside Out—a poetry- and translation-based literacy curriculum.

Pairing Poetry and Technology: Teaching from the “Outside Inward”
Toby Emert
Abstract: In this article, an instructional coach and a classroom teacher describe a two-week instructional unit that integrates poetry and digital storytelling tools.

What the Whiteness Project Should Have Been: Poetry as a Collaborative Vehicle for Inquiry
Samuel Jaye Tanner
Abstract: The author details the pedagogy that empowered his high school students to use poetry as a part of a theatrical inquiry into race and whiteness.

Galvanizing Empathy through Poetry
Daniel Xerri and Stephanie Xerri Agius
Abstract: In this article, the authors consider how to use poetry to develop empathy for asylum seekers among students in Malta, where asylum seeking is a present and divisive issue.

Every Voice Matters: Spoken Word Poetry in and outside of School
Wendy R. Williams
Abstract: In this article, the author works with members of a spoken word poetry group to develop ways to integrate spoken word into classroom and school communities.

Mindful Poetry: Making the Strange Familiar
Candence Robillard, Jacqueline Bach, and Melissa Gulden
Abstract: Through the careful observation and analysis of a poetry unit that focuses on the work of one poet, Seamus Heaney, the authors provide mindful strategies to make familiar the processes of reading and appreciating poetry.

Speaking Truth to Power: In Defense of Poetry: “Oh My Heart”
P. L. Thomas
Abstract: "Speaking Truth to Power" seeks to explore the experiences and possibilities that arise when educators speak Truth to power.

Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners: What’s the Point? Using Relevance Instructions to Support Comprehension
Abstract: “Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners” discusses critical, transformative, and powerful ways to support students’ acquisition of Standard English.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: Reading Aloud: Poetry at Its Finest
Pauline Skowron-Schmidt
Abstract: This column serves as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery: Giving Back: The Rewards of Becoming an Adjunct
Rose Cherie Reissman
Abstract: “Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery” offers suggestions, ideas, and experiences to help novice and veteran teachers discover their own roadmaps toward mastery.

Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom: Feeling Walt Whitman: Introducing New Literatures and Quantitative Techniques to Interpret Poetry
Tom Liam Lynch
Abstract: “Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom” seeks to identify the ways in which our teaching and learning lives are influenced by software.

Disabling Assumptions: “Overcoming”: Analyzing Motivations in Shark Girl and The Running Dream
Jacob Stratman
Abstract: This column explores how paying attention to disability—both to the rich contributions made by people with disabilities and to the sometimes negative attitudes in society that can interfere with those contributions—can foster classroom interactions that are more democratic, more inclusive, and more equitable.

Poem: As I Walk from my Classroom
Mark DeFoe

Poem: Clarification
Matthew Phillips

Poem: Proper Etiquette
Kathy Judge

Poem: Close Reading
Sandra Kurtti Pylvainen

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