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2015 September English Journal, v105.1

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Issue Theme: Gifted or Special: Perpetuating the Mis-measure of Students

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal
Volume 105, Number 1, September 2015

Issue Theme: Gifted or Special: Perpetuating the Mis-measure of Students

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From the Editors
Julie Gorlewski and David Gorlewski

High School Matters: Reflections and Partnerships: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Katie Greene and Rebecca Britten
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

EJ in Focus: Repairing the Mis-measuring of Identity
sj Miller, Guest Editor, and Ellie Haberl
Abstract: Through personal narratives, sj Miller and Ellie Haberl look at the causes and implications of categorizing students and discuss ways in which teachers and schools can provide opportunities for all learners.

The Myths and Possibilities of a Co-Taught “Honors” English Class
Rich Novack and Dawn Jara
Abstract: In this article, the authors challenge myths about honors classes in an effort to deliver “effective instruction” to all students, notably students in need of special education services, in a co-taught English class.

Increasing Access to and Success in Advanced Placement English in Pittsburgh Public Schools
Amanda Godley, Terry Monroe, and Jaclyn Castma
Abstract: This piece describes how an urban school district detracked its AP English program and diversified student enrollment, and how one AP English teacher expanded his instructional strategies to meet the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse learners.

How Sara Got Her Voice Back: The Importance of Tentativeness
Marc Nachowitz
Abstract: Sara’s story reports the effects of an experimental intervention applying knowledge building principles for learning, as well as the unanticipated improvement of literacy skills of students with IEPs.

Empowering Stereotyped Readers through Self-Directed Learning
Jim Davis, Raquel Cook, and Jon Ostenson
Abstract: The authors describe how self-directed learning allows students to design their own research projects and rubrics, differentiated for their cognitive readiness, learning preferences, interests, and affect.

Disrupting the “Norm” with Collaborative Strategic Reading
Alison G. Boardman, Brooke A. Moore, and Karla R. Scornavacco
Abstract: Using a case study of a seventh-grade language arts classroom, the authors describe an evidence-based approach to reading comprehension instruction, collaborative strategic reading, which supports all learners by changing the nature of learning and participation.

Talented and Depicted
Katie Wheeler
Abstract: How can labels serve as unrealistic sources of pride and embarrassment? This article examines one teacher’s personal experiences with labels and the lasting implications for her students.

Manga and the Autistic Mind
Robert Rozema
Abstract: The author examines how manga reveals the way individuals with ASD process the world, and explores how manga can serve as a teaching tool for neurotypical and neurodivergent students.

Teaching, Giftedness, and Differentiation: A Reflection
Julianna E. Lopez Kershen
Abstract: In this series of candid reflective writings, a former high school teacher interrogates her teaching practice, students’ identity development, the giftedness label, and differentiated instruction.

The Long Hallway
Petra Lange, Aza Adam, Matthew Bruce, Montgomery Cason, Kathryn Garcia, Ivania Guerra-Ceron, My Nhan, Cheyanne Perkins, and Leah Waughtal
Abstract: A secondary English teacher and eight Advanced Placement Literature students examine the concept of stereotype threat to illuminate the difficulties that minority students experience in advanced classrooms.

Looking Inward: Reflecting on My Cultural Competence as an Educator
Tisha Admire Duncan
Abstract: What if the problem with today’s classroom teachers is with the preparation they receive? This piece argues that teacher educators need to learn how to incorporate cultural competence and responsiveness within their daily lives and into their areas of expertise.

Poem: The Expert
Richard Schiffman

Poem: Drive Home October
Kelly Nichols

Poem: Physics Test
Lou Ventura

Poem: Rescue Window
Matthew Phillips

Under Discussion: Teaching Speaking and Listening: Partner-Learning for Discussing Text
Rebecca Shargel
Abstract: This column seeks to provide a forum in which we can lean on each other to investigate and improve the quality of our classroom discussion leadership.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: Diversity in YA: Representing Real American Teenagers
Pauline Skowron Schmidt; Robert M. Babirad; Tracey Flores
Abstract: This column serves as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Speaking Truth to Power: Confronting the Monster under the (Text Complexity) Staircase
Sean P. Connors
Abstract: "Speaking Truth to Power" seeks to explore the experiences and possibilities that arise when educators speak Truth to power.

Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom: Mustard Seeds and Information Feeds: A Short History of Students as Data
Tom Liam Lynch
Abstract: “Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom” seeks to identify the ways in which our teaching and learning lives are influenced by software.

Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery: Beyond IQ: Using a Body of Evidence to Expand Perspective
Helena Hulse
“Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery” offers suggestions, ideas, and experiences to help novice and veteran teachers discover their own roadmaps toward mastery.

Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners: A Rose by Any Other? Names, Labels, and the Multilingual Learner
Pamela J. Hickey
Abstract: “Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners” discusses critical, transformative, and powerful ways to support students’ acquisition of Standard English.

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