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2016 July English Journal, v105.6

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English Journal
Volume 105, Issue 6, July 2016

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English Journal Reviewers

From the Editors
Julie Gorlewski and David Gorlewski

High School Matters: Problematic Proclivities
Shekema Silveri, Eliza Allen, Janice Baines, Cara Flores-Mays, Sanjuana C. Rodriguez, Natasha Thornton, and Kamania Wynter-Hoyte
Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

Lessons from History: Teaching with Technology in 100 Years of English Journal
Ben McCorkle and Jason Palmeri
This article investigates 100 years of articles in English Journal (1912–2012) that focus on teaching with or about communication technologies and media.

The Power of Pleasure Reading: What We Can Learn from the Secret Reading Lives of Teens
Jeffrey D. Wilhelm and Michael W. Smith
The authors share findings from a recent study of teens who freely select to read texts typically marginalized by schools (dystopia, vampire, romance, horror, fantasy),revealing the distinct functional and psychological benefits of pleasure reading.

Using the Author-Out Workshop to Counter Students’ Assumptions and Anxieties about Reading and Writing Poetry
Laura Apol and Kati Macaluso
The authors describe how an Author-Out poetry writing workshop challenges students’ pervading beliefs and assumptions about poetry and cultivates students’ proficiency as readers and writers of poems.

Composing Infographics to Synthesize Informational and Literary Texts
Ken Lindblom, Nicole Galante, Sara Grabow, and Brittany Wilson
The authors use free software for composing infographics (Internet posters) to encourage students to synthesize informational and literary texts.

Challenging Heteronormativity: Raising LGBTQ Awareness in a High School English Language Arts Classroom
Brianna R. Burke and Kristina Greenfield
This article details a unit designed for a high school English classroom to address social injustice and the silencing of LGBTQ individuals.

Slay the Monster! Replacing Form-First Pedagogy with Effective Writing Instruction
Kathleen Dudden Rowlands
Following a discussion of form-first instruction and CCSS assessments, this article provides concrete suggestions for teaching purpose, audience, context; invention strategies; text structures; genres; revision; and writer’s craft.

In Search of Authentic Argument
Angela M. Kohnen and Cathie English
This article reports on a weeklong professional development seminar where teachers worked with professionals to understand the way argument functions in different fields.

Moving Students toward Acceptance of “Other” Englishes
Brandie Bohney
Recounting a successful means of introducing other Englishes, the authors encourage understanding and acceptance of devalued Englishes among mainstream-English speaking students.

The Socratic Seminar in the Age of the Common Core: A Search for Text-Dependent Discourse
Beth Walsh-Moorman
Linking discourse to close and careful reading, this study explores how moving a face-to-face seminar into an online environment may change students’ ability to answer in ways that demonstrate text dependency.

Classical Rhetoric in Atticus Finch’s Speeches
Brooke Richelle Holland
By exploring the uses of plain, middle, and grand styles, the author examines how theories of classical rhetoricians can be applied to Atticus Finch’s speeches in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Poem: Curtain Call
J. Scott Shields

Poem: Reflections from a High School Poetry Slam: A Teacher to Her Student
Kati Macaluso

Poem: Coffee Grounds
Erik Brandt

Poem: After Odysseus Joined the AARP
William M. Tecku

Book Reviews
Mark Letcher; Tim Gillespie; Sheryl Lain; Kelly Wallace
The "Book Reviews" column examines professional texts with cutting-edge information for the rapidly changing field of education.

Disabling Assumptions: Read This Young Adult Novel! (It’s You, Society, Who Needs to “Try Harder!”)
Patricia A. Dunn
This column explores how paying attention to disability—both to the rich contributions made by people with disabilities and to the sometimes negative attitudes in society that can interfere with those contributions—can foster classroom interactions that are more democratic, more inclusive, and more equitable.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: We’re Not Crazy: Overcoming the Mental Health Stigma in YA Literature
Pauline Skowron Schmidt; Ashley Corbett
This column serves as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners: Supporting Second Language Acquisition with Twenty-First-Century Literacies
Kisha Bryan and Kathy Garland
“Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners” discusses critical, transformative, and powerful ways to support students’ acquisition of Standard English.

Speaking Truth to Power: Welcoming Back the Trees: Why Everything Is Not an Argument
Todd DeStigter
"Speaking Truth to Power" seeks to explore the experiences and possibilities that arise when educators speak Truth to power.

Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom: Saving Computer Science Education from Itself
Tom Liam Lynch
 “Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom” seeks to identify the ways in which our teaching and learning lives are influenced by software.

A Thousand Writers: Voices of the NWP: Wrestling with the Cat Lady: Teaching Writing in an Era of Standardization
Jessica Singer Early, Christina Saidy, and Tricia Parker
This column seeks to explore the experiences of National Writing Project teachers as writers, teachers of writing, and educational leaders.

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