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2018 May English Journal, v107.5

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Issue Theme: Embracing Enduring Tensions in English Education

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


Issue Theme: Embracing Enduring Tensions in English Education

Call for Manuscripts

From the Editor
Julie Gorlewski

High School Matters: Building Literate Identities on What Already Exists
Vaughn W. M. Watson; Dan Bruno
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

EJ in Focus: Embracing Enduring Tensions in English Education
Leila Christenbury and Lisa Scherff
Abstract: With more intentional connections to the classroom and more explicit modeling of how teacher preparation and teacher reality can intersect, we are closer to addressing the spaces of struggle that mark the heart of inquiry.

Teaching without Talking (or, Houston, We Have a Tension)
Matthew Bourjaily
Abstract: This article explores a lesson that, with virtually no guidance from the teacher, enhances student independence, engagement, and insight.

Erase the Space: Short Distance Writing Exchanges and Public Discourse in the High School English Classroom
Derek Burtch
Abstract: The polarization in American culture illustrated in deteriorating public discourse has been front and center since the 2016 election season, but these tensions have been brewing longer. Writing exchanges between different schools can be part of the solution.

Tackling Teacher Lack of Knowledge When Reading Cross-Culturally
Jacquelyn J. Chappel
Abstract: Teachers’ lack of knowledge of other cultures is a major obstacle in teaching world literature. This article offers the experiences of three teachers teaching the Bhagavad Gita and suggests ways to overcome lack of teacher knowledge when reading cross-culturally.

Reducing Fear with Recitations: Improving Public Speaking through Poetry
Jennie L. Hanna
Abstract: While the value and importance of helping adolescents learn the art of public speaking is clear, it can be a difficult subject to teach. This article shows how public speaking skills can be interwoven with poetry analysis by participating in the Poetry Out Loud program.

The Pendulum of Standardization: An English Journal Retrospective
Pamela Neal Lindstrom
Abstract: This piece explores historic trends in the standardization of English education. Beginning with the advent of NCTE in 1912 and continuing through the subsequent century, the article traces how English Journal has documented educators’ approaches and attitudes concerning standardization.

To Correct or Not Correct: Confronting Decisions about African American Students’ Use of Language Varieties in the English Classroom
Tanji Reed Marshall
Abstract: English is a naturally variant and fluid language inseparable from culture. The author addresses the tensions teachers face in the classroom when they make decisions about how African American students should use their language.

Learning and Writing What Matters
Tom Romano
Abstract: Teachers can often point to indelible educational moments that influenced them in their journey to become literacy teachers. Teachers can help their students to such experiences that lead them to discover intellectual passions and further their growth and development as language users.

In Praise of the Unfinished
Benjamin Schwartz and Jeffrey Schwartz
Abstract: The authors examine writing process using the concept of “unfinished” from a groundbreaking art exhibit in 2016 and discuss how teaching writing as “unfinished” can deepen student learning, including an authentic culminating exam.

Exploring Survival: A Student-Led Unit in the Seventh-Grade English Classroom
Emma Smith
Abstract: Throughout a unit of study about survival, students and their teacher engaged in individualized learning. Discussions of teacher-dictated curriculum versus student-driven learning, design of the unit, and students’ and teacher’s experiences and takeaways from the unit are included.

Poem: Old Sewing Woman
Peter Grimaldi

Poem:Late Comer
Melanie Swetz

Book Reviews
Lindsay Jeffers; Ken Lindblom

Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery: Shifting the Power to Create a More Student-Centered Classroom
Lauren Zucker
Abstract: “Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mastery” offers suggestions, ideas, and experiences to help novice and veteran teachers discover their own road maps toward mastery.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: Intersectional Identities from the Margins
Victoria Singh Gill
Abstract: This column serves as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Speaking Truth to Power: Questioning Reform in Clinical Sites: Preservice Teachers as Emerging Advocates
Sarah Hochstetler
Abstract: "Speaking Truth to Power" seeks to explore the experiences and possibilities that arise when educators speak Truth to power.

Under Discussion: Teaching Speaking and Listening: Promoting Social Justice: Rehearsing Discussion Leadership in a Young Adult Literature Course
Lisa M. Barker
Abstract: This column seeks to provide a forum in which we can lean on each other to investigate and improve the quality of our classroom discussion leadership.

Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom: Bank on It
Marcia Bundy Seabury
Abstract: “Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom” seeks to identify the ways in which our teaching and learning lives are influenced by software.

Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book: #BlackLivesMatter: When Real Life and YA Fiction Converge
Tricia Ebarvia, Kimberly Parker, and Pauline Skowron Schmidt
Abstract: This column serves as a space dedicated to conversation about Young Adult Literature and to celebrate adolescents, their reading, and their experiences by reviewing the texts that engage them.

Speaking My Mind: My Student, My Enemy
Pamela S. O’Reilly
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

Speaking My Mind:Emotion, Reason, and Argument: Teaching Persuasive Writing in Tense Times
Peter Smagorinsky
Abstract: “Speaking My Mind” invites readers to speak out about controversial issues relevant to the teaching of English language arts.

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