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2012 January English Journal, v101.3

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English Journal
Volume 101, Number 3, January 2012
Issue Theme: EJ @ 100: Celebrating a Century of Publication

Level(s): Middle, Secondary

ISBN/ISSN: 0013-8274


English Journal
Volume 101, Number 3, January 2012
Issue Theme: EJ @ 100: Celebrating a Century of Publication

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From the Editor
Ken Lindblom

From the Secondary Section: Still Battling the Surf: Teaching English after 100 Years
Christian Z. Goering
Abstract: Members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee comment on topics of importance to English language arts educators.

A Gallery of EJ Covers, 1912–2011
Abstract: See how EJ covers have changed over the last 100 years.

An English Journal Article That Made a Difference: A Forum
Compiled by Don Zancanella

Abstract: Several Council members write about influential articles they read in the pages of NCTE’s century-old journal.

Editor’s Retrospective
Stephen N. Tchudi, EJ Editor, 1973–80
Abstract: Tchudi looks back at his editorship during the turbulent 1970s.

James Moffett’s Legacy to English Journal
Elizabeth Spalding, Damian C. Koshnick, and Miles Myers
Abstract: The authors look at Moffett's influence on English Journal.

Editors’ Retrospective
Alleen Pace Nilsen and Kenneth Donelson, EJ Coeditors, 1980–87
Abstract: Nilsen and Donelson reflect on their years as EJ editors.

Debates from the Past, Conversations about Our Future: Exploring the Early Issues of English Journal
Ashley J. Holmes
Abstract: The author discusses the implications of themes taken up in EJ’s first three issues—the science of teaching writing, cultural versus practical training, and student-valued pedagogies—for contemporary English teachers.

Editors’ Retrospective
Ben F. Nelms, EJ Editor, and Elizabeth Donnell Nelms, EJ Associate Editor, 1987–94
Abstract: A look back at the the Nelms editorship.

Rereading English’s Past and Present through English Journal, 1912 and 2012
Jory Brass
Abstract: The author identifies important similarities between the state of English teaching in 1912 and 2012 and highlights historical links between English teaching and science, Christianity, race, and nation that have not figured prominently in the field’s dominant historical narrative.

Production Editor’s Retrospective
Rona Smith, EJ Production Editor, 1989–Present
Abstract: Smith discusses some of the changes in EJ design and production.

“A Richer, Not a Narrower, Aesthetic”: The Rise of New Criticism in English Journal
P. L. Thomas
Abstract: A teacher and member of the NCTE Task Force on Council History and 2011 uses discussion of New Criticism in EJ to examine how literary criticism has been implemented in classrooms and how it might be developed in the 21st century.

Editor’s Retrospective
Leila Christenbury, EJ Editor, 1994–98
Abstract: Christenbury dicusses what she has learned from her predecessors.

“What’s Past Is Prologue”: English Journal Roots of a Performance-Based Approach to Teaching Shakespeare
Joseph Haughey
Abstract: A high school English teacher and historian of Shakespeare instruction examines the evolution in EJ of performance as a mode of teaching students to understand and appreciate the plays still so frequently taught.

Editor’s Retrospective
Virginia R. Monseau, EJ Editor, 1998–2003
Abstract: Monseau looks back on her time as editor.

Same as It Ever Was: Enacting the Promise of Teaching, Writing, and New Media
Troy Hicks, Carl A. Young, Sara Kajder, and Bud Hunt
Abstract: In surveying English Journal, the authors highlight voices from the past, of the present, and for the future to offer a vision of how teachers can prepare students to succeed as writers in the 21st century.

Editor’s Retrospective
Louann Reid, EJ Editor, 2003–08
Abstract: A look back at Reid's editorship.

Constructions of Students in English Journal from 1970 to the Present
Katie Greene and Peggy Albers
Abstract: The authors reflect on this journal’s focus on students, highlighting instructional approaches to popular culture, identity, language, and more.

Editor’s Retrospective
Ken Lindblom, EJ Editor, 2008–13
Abstract: The current EJ editor reflects on his term thus far.

Mentoring Matters: Open Support and Open Space
Ryan Dippre
Abstract: "Mentoring Matters" focuses on effective ways to support new English teachers and student teachers.

Research for the Classroom: Becoming Self-Editors: Using Metacognition to Improve Students’ Grammar Knowledge
Jill Annable
Abstract: "Research for the Classroom" publishes mini-studies of ELA classroom practices and suggests ways in which high school and middle school English teachers may study the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

Success with ELLs: Make Room for Our Voices: Using Poetry in Professional Development for Secondary ESL and ELA Teachers
Amanda Nicole Gulla
Abstract: "Success with ELLs" suggests effective approaches to teaching English language learners in ways that can be of benefit to all students in  mainstream middle and high school English classes.

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